Letsoaka: We need to move on

Following the last-minute 1-0 defeat over Highlands Park in their crucial Premiership fixture at Goble Park on Sunday, coach Serame Letsoaka has urged his side to move on.

Despite losing out on a point after Mothobi Mvala’s 86th minute goal, Stars remain a single point above the Lions of the North, who occupy the play-off relegation spot.

However, Letsoaka warned his side that if the performance of the weekend is repeated, they might find themselves in a precarious opposition over the coming weeks due to their lack of attacking intent.

“I think we had a very bad first-half, we had and improved second-half but which was also not effective,” he said. “If one looks at the match I think we had one shot at goal or rather one opportunity at goals.

“Our players when they have the ball they give it away, it’s a little bit of a worry. Muhammed Anas did not get enough service up front and a lot happened before the game but that’s not the excuse,” he added.

“Goodman Dlamini’s introduction in midfield helped us a bit he tried to put the ball on the feet and his experience helped us a lot, but the opposition did not allow us to play and they put pressure on our players.

“The overall performance was not up to scratch and it’s one of those games that one needs to quickly forget.”

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